Monday, August 14, 2006



I have a minor issue with the drivel that’s on TeeVee.
Half of the stuff they show is ads that it ticks me off to see.
The remedy, in my sullen mind, is just as plain as day.
You just depress where the thing says “MUTE,” and the garbage has
no more to say.
And I hate that the people who build remotes make that mute button
small and obscure.
That is the target you want to stab with a move both swift and sure.
If I was designing remote controls, well, I want you to know,
My mute button would maybe be roughly the size of New Mexico.
I’d make it a contrasting color, with maybe a light-bulb blinking.
I want a mute-button that doesn’t require no searching, deciding, or
I want the sound track off RIGHT NOW! Timing is really critical,
When they’re speaking of hemorrhoids, sexual drought, or, worse
yet, of persons political.
As a matter of, while I am off with this anti-ad bee in my bonnet,
I’d build me a stand-alone mute-button, with a teeny remote
somewhere it.


At 3:03 PM, Blogger Alana said...

I think a black out button could be usefull as well!


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